Lotus-Stamas Sdn Bhd

About Lotus-Stamas

A locally grown group of companies originated from Alor Setar has well-established for the past three decades and Penang is known as the first branch of the group.

Since the establishment, the group has specialised in providing a professional one-stop solution of plumbing, distribution and retailing wares of kitchen, sanitary, and shower room of tap fitting, heater and shower heads, water tank, and waterproofing-manufactured products which are appropriately fixed for the application of residential & commercial, offices & manufacturing plants, schools and colleges, religious houses and temples, etcetera.

Also, the custom-order and/or custom-made products are available in a timely fashion.

Our Vision

What’s more of your expectation, you’ll get the answer from here. The significant excellence and reliable standard is perfectly conducted via the professional experts.

Our Mission

It is always the goal of the company in selling professionally-manufactured-&-inspected appliances to suit each and individual needs to lead one’s life with pleasant happiness and satisfaction.

Corporate Culture


There is always an expert consultation ready to help narrow down the specific requirements of individual customers with a wide array selection of products and brands, respectively.

Products Segregation

KIV – input from LS

Brands Segregation

Johnson Suisse, Econax, Potex, Inno, Sericite, Goldophin, Sika, Belle, Saint-Gobain Weber, E-Mix, Grohe, Paffoni, DOE, Abagno, Rubine, Maha, Atget, Joven, Alpha, Monier, Blanco, Haustern, HCE, CAM, GCI, Deluxe, Grundfos, Fanco, etcetera.